Choosing Your Wedding Party

If you are beginning your wedding planning journey, it is time to think about choosing your wedding party. Building your wedding party is one of the many exciting parts of wedding planning. After announcing your engagement, you will discover how many close friends and family want a role in your magical day. Choosing the people that will stand beside you on one of the most momentous moments of your entire life can sometimes be challenging. These tips should help you through the process of creating your wedding party.

The Structure of the Wedding Party

Understanding the purpose and roles of the wedding party is essential to it fulfilling its purpose. Traditionally, the groom lines up to the right with his best man and groomsmen at his side. The best man is always closest. The bride follows a procession down the aisle and forms a line to the left with her maid of honor and bridesmaids. The maid of honor is always closest. Today’s modern weddings seem to have any number and any mix of a few special people. There are not many rules when it comes to choosing your wedding party; however, choose wisely. These are the special people that will support you through the planning process, that will celebrate with you, host celebrations for you, and will stand beside you in support through your ceremony.

Wedding Party Trends

Traditionally, brides and grooms have an equal number of men and women in their wedding party. While tradition created the rules about the minimum and maximum number you should have in your wedding party based on a formula that factors the number of guests in attendance and the size of the ceremony space, trends have tossed these rules out the window. The trends say that tradition does not govern your wedding party, and you can choose any number, any gender, anyone and every guest in attendance, if that is the way you envision your dream wedding.

Wedding Party Decisions

If you ask the big question, there is no rewinding the clock. You cannot invite a group to your wedding party and change your mind. Think wisely about the size of your wedding and establish the number of people that will be in your wedding party. Narrow down your list to a few special people. If you cannot figure this one out, it will be the ones you cannot imagine taking this leap in life without them by your side. These are your close family members and special friends.

While you might want every important person in your wedding party, they might not all fit into the size of your wedding. It can be difficult to choose your wedding party knowing that some will be left out. Thankfully, there are many roles to be had on your wedding day and room for everyone to get involved. Ask yourself who you want by your side and who should take another supportive role. Never ask someone to join your party just because you were honored with the role in their wedding.

The Ones that Didn’t Make the Wedding Party

Be prepared for disappointed friends. This might not be so obvious, but it will never be avoided. If you formed your team without some special people, make sure you express how valuable your relationship is with them, and how you wish you could have all your special people by your side. Explain that you had to limit your decision to a certain few, and explain that you reserved special functions in the wedding for them. Offering them an important role in the wedding can help them feel like part of your special day. You can give close friends that did not make it into the wedding party a special VIP seating arrangement. They can wear matching dresses and suits and lead the entry of the wedding party down the aisle. If they make you feel bad about your decision, you made the right decision not to choose them to be in your wedding party.

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