Designing Wedding Reception Tables

Every couple seeks unique ways to make a statement and carry their theme and colors from the ceremony space to the wedding reception. The tricks to creating the fairy tale all come down to how your dress your tables. Let the colors, theme and season flow into your reception with these ideas for creating an unforgettable wedding reception.

Black and Gold Wedding Reception

Classy and bold colors create an elegant wedding reception. Black and gold are an undeniable regal match that do just that. These colors are not only classy, but also a simple design. A black table runner, whether sequined, lace or layered with an overlay, provides the perfect contrast to gold candlesticks or a single candelabra. Gold charger plates with black napkins contrast and tie the grouping together. When it comes to elegance, less can be more. A simple vine of greenery can provide accent while amplifying the elegance of the black on gold wedding reception.

Colorful Wedding Reception

An explosion of color can create an exciting and vibrant wedding reception. Red is another classy and bold color that screams the language of romance. A red table runner with a gold lace overlay can dress up any wedding reception table. If you seek to create a colorful celebration, dare to bring the colors of the season to the table. Red and gold make perfect wedding colors and match with an array of accent colors. Add a little element of crystal to the setting with stringed pearls on a gold candelabra. Topping your candelabra with flowers is another opportunity for an explosion of color. While you might maintain the gold and red balance by setting the wedding reception table with gold charger plates, be creative and alternate the colors of napkins on the plates.

Gold and Pink Wedding Reception

Gold is always in for a wedding reception. It is a rich and elegant color that dresses up any romantic affair. Gold is a completely versatile color to match anything and everything, especially pink. If you are seeking to create an elegant gold and pink wedding reception, it is easy to do. Choose a gold sequined table runner and layer it with a narrow satin pink runner on top. This layered affect will give it a boarder and add texture to your layers. Gold charger plates wrapped within a pink napkin, a simple vase of flowers offered by the season and elegant candlesticks can pull off the gold and pink wedding reception.

Spring into Your Wedding Reception

Sea blue, silver and ivory add fresh spring colors to an elegant wedding reception. A sequined silver table runner with a narrow sea blue runner layered on top will provide definition and texture to your table in an elegant way. Silver charger plates tied with the bow of an ivory napkin adds a little accent color. Clear glass vases filled with water and calla lilies will carry the accent color and cool vibe to your centerpieces. Coordinate your chair sashes with the table runner with silver or sky blue.

A Wedding Reception at Crystal Ballroom Brandon

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