Planning an Engagement Party

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s time to plan the celebration. An engagement party brings everyone together under one roof to get to know one another and celebrate the joining of the families. Planning an engagement party elicits numerous questions about etiquette.

Hosting an Engagement Party

The bride’s parents host the engagement party by the rules of tradition. As traditions, roles and circumstances change over time, we find more and more couples throwing their own engagement party. Some couples have more than one engagement party. When parents are divorced, couples might attend separate engagement parties. Couples might also choose to celebrate with friends and coworkers at a smaller engagement party, after celebrating with parents.

Engagement Party Invitations

Not every engagement party calls for formal invitations. The scale of the party and the atmosphere will make many decisions about your invitations. An email invitation is completely acceptable. Many choose an email invitation for small restaurants and informal backyard affairs. An elegant and formal venue calls for a formal invitation. Formal invitations remain popular and follow tradition. If you are planning a themed engagement party, make sure your invitations portray your theme.

There are a couple things to consider when preparing invitations. When putting together the guest list for the engagement party, keep in mind that the same guests will expect an invitation to the wedding. Do not forget to add the dress code to the invitations. This important event is usually planned to take place within two months after the engagement. When planning a long engagement, it is okay to delay the celebration. Make sure you send out invitations about a month in advance of your engagement party.

Choosing a Venue

An engagement party can be celebrated in various settings, depending on the scale of the event you plan to hold. The venue can be anywhere on the spectrum from casual garden party to formal ballroom. Most engagement parties are formal affairs that involve service of a fine cuisine and alcoholic beverages. The sit down dinner can be planned in your home, a restaurant or a formal event venue. An all-inclusive event venue can accommodate your guests while providing all of the fine china, table settings, banquet staff, bartender and décor to make your engagement party an unforgettable celebration.

Crystal Ballroom Brandon

Crystal Ballroom Brandon is an all-inclusive event venue with a dedicated design team to create a unique and elegant engagement party. Work with in-house designers, planners, food managers, and connect with vendors to make your engagement party everything it should be. Consult with our designers, and pick and plan your magical moment, from the colors and fabrics to the flowers and centerpieces.

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