Planning a Wedding with Uncertainty

Unforeseen circumstances can arise which force couples to postpone or cancel their wedding day. Sometimes there can be uncertainty about setting a future date when this happens, depending on the situation. This uncertainty can make it difficult to plan a wedding. If you are hanging on the edge of a postponement or are facing a cancellation, these simple tips should make planning a wedding with an uncertain date a little easier.

Planning a Wedding with a Postponement

Your perfect day in May on that Saturday is now a day in the cold of December on a Tuesday. The stars aligned, you picked that significant date and planned every detail to create perfection when an unforeseen circumstance changed it all without notice. Planning a wedding after a postponement can create some uncertainty. Not only does it change that significant date that would require another year to capture again, but it usually changes the day of the week of your wedding. When there is a shift in the timeline, never resist the planning process. Planning a wedding with a postponement offers extra time to your advantage to create a new timeline.

The first step is to make very important decisions about the date. Focus on your newly developed timeline and move forward to create the wedding of your dreams. It might be a different day of the week in a different season, but the little differences can only be as devastating as we allow them to be. Wardrobe alterations can be made to alter sleeves to accommodate season changes. Adding a touch of fall colors and accents can bring the spring to another season. Honeymoon travel plans can be changed or just let the changes make the destination a little more romantic. It is important to remain positive and focused on the goal of planning a wedding, even with a postponement involved. This is your magical day. Never let it be less than that.

Planning a Wedding with a New Timeline

If you are working with a wedding planner, strike up a quick conversation to discuss your circumstances and decisions moving forward. If you are planning a wedding on your own, contact your wedding venue to immediately begin planning a wedding with a new timeline. Be realistic and flexible as you move forward in the midst of a reality that things are changing, and be willing to change with the flow of your new timeline.

When catastrophe seems to knock us off our trajectory and things seem canceled, the dream of planning a wedding does not need to come to a standstill. Refocus, reorient, and take action to get back on track. Notify your wedding venue and your vendors of your situation. Good communication will go a long way. Explain your situation to vendors and discuss the new timeline and existing contracts. Immediately reach out to all of your guests and the wedding party to notify them that you are planning a wedding on a different day.

When You Need Help Planning a Wedding

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