Romantic Wedding Ideas

If you are searching for unique ways to create a meaningful ceremony, you might consider wedding ideas that are symbolic of unity. There are two trending wedding ideas for unity, the unity candle and the sand ceremony. These rituals share the same symbolic meaning and add a little romance to the nuptials.

Wedding Ideas with Candles

A unity candle has become increasingly popular among wedding ideas. A unity candle is a trio of candles, consisting of one larger pillar and two separate tapered candles. The officiant begins the ceremony by explaining the deep meaning behind the ritual. The tapered candles are lit by either the officiant or the parents of the couple. The bride and the groom each take hold of a tapered candle and simultaneously light the pillar candle. The flames represent the love and souls of each, and lighting the pillar together is symbolic of joining the love and binding the souls in marriage. The couples extinguish each other’s tapered candle and watch their new flame burn as one. There is no doubt that a unity candle is one of the most romantic rituals of all wedding ideas.

Wedding Ideas with Sand

If you are looking for romantic wedding ideas that will create a keepsake, you might consider a sand ceremony. A sand ceremony signifies the coming together in unity in a very special way. It contains powerful symbolism and is a piece of art for keepsake. Colored sand is poured into a glass vase by the couple to create a layered effect of colorful sand art. This unique idea is based upon the same concept as a unity candle, but with a slightly artistic method. Having a sand ceremony at your wedding can create the perfect element of romance with the perfect balance of a symbolic ritual. This might be one of the most creative wedding ideas.

Meaningful Wedding Ideas at Crystal Ballroom Brandon

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