Wedding Budget for a Fairy Tale

Let’s get to the grind of wedding planning. Planning a wedding begins with a wedding budget. A wedding budget sounds like a crash of reality that we do not want to cloud our daydream. However, a wedding budget is the foundation to the entire event you are planning. If you want the dream, it is important to know how to build a wedding budget and create one.

Building a Wedding Budget

Whether we like it or not, the wedding budget will make many decisions about the wedding day. Everything from the dress to the guest list comes with a price tag. We cannot have a wedding from a fairy tale and show up in jeans, because we overspent and cannot afford the dress. Knowing how much to spend on each element of our wedding is made possible with a wedding budget. Building a budget comes before creating it.

Most of us do not pull dollars out of a magic hat. Traditionally, parents of the bride pay for almost the entire wedding. However, tradition is not always the trend, and many couples are building their own wedding budget. Whether you are the parents of the bride or the couple planning, if you have not been saving for this day, you need to pull a budget together from somewhere.

Some find a solution to building a wedding budget through loans. A smarter financial decision can be creating a savings. Creative financing can give a little extra each month to the spend. Whether you take a loan or get creative, the foundation of the budget is a total dollar amount, which you have the task of building. Essentially, we are talking about the piggy bank. Not every wedding budget is equal. The trick to having an extravagant wedding on a smaller budget is all about how you make your dollars work.

Creating a Wedding Budget

With the total dollar amount in mind, begin creating the wedding budget. Begin with the essentials and start allocating the dollars you have available to spend on the venue, dress, limo, catering, bouquets, photography, wedding deejay, officiant and décor. You might consider having an all-inclusive wedding venue with décor, linens, flowers, tables, runners, chair sashes, centerpieces and all the fine china included. This everything included concept can save you thousands on your wedding day, making your dollars work in your favor.

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