Wedding Décor Ideas for an Affordable Luxury Wedding

If you are planning a luxurious dream wedding on a budget, you are just a few ideas away from making the budget work to create the dream. Your wedding day gives you just one opportunity to write your love story right. Never let your budget create sacrifice. These wedding décor ideas should help you create a luxury wedding you can afford.

Wedding Décor Ideas for Centerpieces

Centerpieces can have the look of luxury, season and your unique theme. When we think of fall, we imagine rustic elements with sunflowers and pumpkin patches; however, you can create a luxury look in fall with mosaic candelabras with a reflective gold finish. Drape them with fall leaves, lots of burgundy, green and naked vines. Use deep colors that contrast gold tones. Add a touch of summer and spring with floral accents on elegant crystal candelabras with beading. You can never go wrong with silver or crystal. Regardless of the season, keep your wedding centerpieces elegant with sequined textures, shiny metals and crystal vases.

Express Yourself with Flowers

Flowers add color, life and season to the romantic affair. Regardless of the type of centerpieces you choose, you will likely choose wedding flowers to accent your table décor and fill the venue. Flowers are romantic and expressive. They provide a certain energy to the room and define your space. You can create a winter wonderland with elegant cherry blossom trees and manzanita trees. Depending on the flowers you choose to accent your wedding centerpieces and venue, it can change the entire tone of your wedding designs.

Chair Sashes and the Linens

Chair sashes and table runners are wedding décor ideas that provide the perfect touch of elegance. Choose sequined runners or lace overlays on a solid runner in your favorite wedding colors. Create a little awe with uniquely tied chair sashes. Experiment with different textures and colors to match your theme. The unique effect is determined by the way you tie the sashes. Whether you envision the classic bow or a weave, experiment with different materials, colors and styles.

Wedding Décor Ideas from Crystal Ballroom Brandon

Crystal Ballroom Brandon is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team that masters the art of creating fairy tale weddings with décor to match any theme. Meet with the professional design team and coordinate your unique wedding designs. Select from beautiful candelabras, vintage manzanita trees, tall floating candles, gorgeous lanterns and huge floral arrangements. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom, and explore extraordinary wedding décor ideas with the professionals.

Wedding Designers

Wedding designers employ a developed artistic skill to create your theme and color scheme. Think of an interior designer and how they might enter your space and reimagine it. They meet with couples during wedding planning and sketch out a vision for the interior space of the wedding venue. They create model demonstrations or mock table settings to provide an example of ideas. Designers use lights, colors and various textures to create desired effects. Tables are positioned and decorated to stage your event and merge with your theme. If you are searching for luxurious wedding décor ideas to meet your budget, look no further than Crystal Ballroom Brandon.

Affordable Luxury

Choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team can provide a solution to all of your wedding designs. There is no need to hire expensive designers or rent tables, chairs and décor at an all-inclusive wedding venue. The concept delivers the venue, furnishings, décor, staff and services in an affordable package. Crystal Ballroom Brandon is a destination wedding venue with in-house designers and all-inclusive packages that create luxury weddings from fantasy.

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