Tips and Ideas for Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers provide color, make a statement and create lasting impressions. The language of flowers is spoken in bouquets, at the altar, down the aisle and in our centerpieces. These tips should help you make the important decisions about your wedding flowers.

Wedding Flowers Have Meaning

Wedding flowers have meaning. In ancient Greek and Roman ceremonies, the brides and grooms were adorned with garlands to represent fertility and the beginning of their life together. During the Victorian era, flowers became a means for sending cryptic and unspoken messages. Your wedding flowers will speak the language of love and carry a unique message on your wedding day.


The bride’s bouquet makes a powerful statement, and is likely to be the most important floral arrangement you choose. It should match theme, color scheme and usually the season. The bridesmaids' bouquets and the boutonnieres should always be a less extravagant piece that accents the bride’s bouquet and color scheme.

Influence of the Season

While there isn’t a rule set in stone about the flowers you choose, if you are using real flowers, you might need to embrace the season and make a selection of wedding flowers that are in bloom. Finding wedding flowers that are out of season is not impossible, but can be slightly difficult and more costly. Artificial wedding flowers will allow you to bring any arrangement into your season.

Wedding Flowers for Winter

Winter weddings can have some of the most beautiful wedding flowers. Pine cones, juniper boughs, amaryllis blossoms, red berries, holly, sprigs of arborvitae, anemone, camellias, casablanca lilies, forget-me-nots, French tulips, gardenias, holly, jasmine, orchids, mini gerberas, poinsettias, and roses are part of that winter wedding flower variety.

Wedding Flowers for Spring

Spring is all about flowers and color, and so are spring weddings. Consider calla lilies, peonies, roses, hydrangeas, tulips and sweet pea. Bring in spring color with lavender, coral and fuchsia. Create a bouquet with tulips, sweet pea, and ranunculus. English garden roses and peonies are the perfect wedding flowers for any spring bouquet.

Summer Flowers

Summer is another season full of colorful blooms, and an opportunity to add some colorful wedding flowers to your bouquet and centerpieces. Add yellow and pink with peonies. Bring in brighter summer colors with garden roses, gardenias, lavender, orchids, freesia hydrangeas, tropical flowers, wildflowers, iris and cornflower. Add dahlia, sweet avalanche roses, phlox, calla lilies and eucalyptus to your bouquet.

Fall Flowers

Roses, sunflowers, marigolds, chrysanthemums, celosia blooms, and tropical spidery protea are beautiful wedding flowers for the fall. The deep burgundy of dahlias add rich color to fall themes. Anemones are sophisticated and delicate flowers with white petals and black centers that add a simple touch with a vintage feel. Bring foliage into the design with huge floral arrangements, seasonal berries and acorns. Consider adding fruit to accent your fall wedding flowers.

Developing a theme and color scheme begins with a little inspiration. Gain inspiration and ideas at an all-inclusive wedding venue with a design team that specializes in the language of wedding flowers. Contact Crystal Ballroom Brandon to get inspiration for your wedding flowers and schedule a complimentary VIP tour (In-Person or Video Tour).

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