Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Once the wedding planning begins, so does the journey in search of unique wedding ideas to make the magical moment unforgettable. The themes are limitless and the possibilities for a fairy tale wedding are endless. Discover unique ways to create your dream wedding with these tips.

Wedding Stage

Set the stage with these unique wedding ideas that will make you feel like royalty on your magical day. An acrylic wedding stage with LED lighting for the bride and groom seating creates a modern and sophisticated look. A glass rectangular table and high back chairs will match perfectly. An organza canopy and crystal chandeliers will complete the look.

Cake Table

When it comes to cake tables, couples are always looking for creative wedding ideas. If you are looking for a unique way to display the cake table and make it a focal point, consider a decorated suspended cake table. Dangling cake tables are suspended in mid-air by decorative ropes or chains. The perfect cake table involves glass displays with a bejeweled look that resembles a chandelier.

Wedding Exit

A sparkler exit is among the wedding ideas that create a truly unique and unforgettable experience. All the family and friends form two rows on each side to create an aisle for the newlyweds to make their grand wedding exit. With all sparklers lit, the bride and groom walk beneath sparklers raised like a honorary saber arch. If you are looking for a way to make your wedding memorable and unique, choose a sparkler exit at your wedding venue.

Candy Bar Wedding Ideas

These candy bar wedding ideas will add a little something sweet to your nuptials. Add a candy bar to your reception for a unique flavor of love your guests will never forget. Every candy bar should be strategically decorated with individually wrapped candies in colored foil to match your chosen theme and décor at your wedding venue. You can choose to mix and match type and shape from a variety of chocolate truffles, caramel balls, M&M’s, peanut butter cups, chocolate gems, twisted lollipops, swirly lollipops, rock candy sticks, pillow mints, jewels, and more.

Centerpiece Wedding Ideas

Candelabras are one of the best centerpiece wedding ideas. Candelabra wedding centerpieces are versatile pieces that make a dramatic effect. Theme will be the guide to create the perfect look. Black candelabras with pink flowers match a Paris theme. A Gatsby theme with a jazz era statement can be won over with gold candelabras that are topped with feathers and bejeweled with stringed pearls. Use your theme as a guide and get creative with the endless possibilities with candelabras.

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