Who Should Walk You Down the Aisle at Your Wedding Venue?

There is that one tradition that is always so important, but sometimes difficult for some. The music plays and the bride begins her walk down the aisle at the wedding venue. Who locks arms with her and escorts her to the end? Modern day situations step away from tradition, and might mean walking with a friend, a mother, a brother or even alone. Who should walk you down the aisle at your wedding venue?

Same Sex Parents at Your Wedding Venue

It is important to note that traditions are being created everyday. Today, we get to set the precedent for tomorrow. Brides of same sex parents begin with a nontraditional situation, and have the opportunity to step outside of the box and do something different. Who should walk you down the aisle at your wedding venue when you have same sex parents?

For some, making this decision is easy. There could be an agreement between the parents related to roles, establishing that they are both dads or both mothers, but one will take the role of dad. Sometimes brides choose to have both parents walk them down the aisle of the wedding venue. Be careful not to hurt feelings when you ask one parent over the other to be your escort. Having an open conversation about it is the best way to make the decision. In the end, you will decide who should walk you down the aisle of the wedding venue.

When Dad Cannot Walk You Down the Aisle at the Wedding Venue

There are many reasons why dad might not be there. Parents get divorced and dads can sometimes drift out of the lives of their children. However, dad might not be around for a different reason. Who should walk you down the aisle at the wedding venue when dad cannot?

When dad cannot walk you down the aisle at the wedding venue, there can be many family members and close friends ready, willing and fighting for the honor. In that case, choose wisely, and do not hurt feelings. It will obviously need to be someone very important to you. It will be a person that takes care of you and has always been around to assume that role in your life. It could be a stepdad, uncle or even a best friend.

Always remember, a bride does not need an escort. It can be an empowering experience to make that journey alone. Never forget that you are the only one that can choose who should walk you down the aisle at the wedding venue or whether you walk it alone.

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